Promoting and providing a platform for Jamaican Entrepreneurs and small businesses WORLDWIDE.

The aim and objective of this Magazine. To help Readers and Customers of Jamaican Products to get an honest unbias, non-paid for review of products, services, events, etc. We also feature Businesses in our Magazine, Directory,amongst various outher platforms, as well as business conusltancy and business to buisness networking. 

The aim and objective of this Magazine.

#TeamBuildingABetterJamaicaDaily #BuyJamaicanProducts #JamaicanBusinessOutreach.


Promoting and providing a platform for Jamaican Entrepreneurs and small businesses WORLDWIDE.

The aim and objective of this Magazine.

#TeamBuildingABetterJamaicaDaily #BuyJamaicanProducts #JamaicanBusinessOutreach.

The small business or entrepreneur will provide us a products, services or invite us to an event.

Upon first acknowledgement of this, it will be announced on all our social media' allowing for buzz to be created for item/event before we attend, therefore providing more awareness and traffic to your website or profiles.


We will take photographs and conduct a small interview regarding the business and the items/product/event being reviewed.


  • We will then use, attend or conduct business with the company.

  •  It is at this time we do a full write up and overview of the product, service or event, it will be published on our social media pages and accompanying affiliates and ambassadors.  

  • It will be placed on our website with links to the relevant page [s] or website. The review stays on our website FOREVER.

  • Each #JEMagReviews, get a 2 week rotation on our main landing page, so persons will see your picture when they come to our website. When they click the picture,  it will then direct them straight to the website/Pages or wherever you want the traffic directed. 


You choose the two weeks, they do not have to be consecutive weeks and you have 3 months to decide and choose the right time period [s] for you.                                                


This magazine, directory and website:  highlights Jamaican Owned business in JAMAICA or those ABROAD.

Small businesses such as; Boutique, Magazine, Retail. hospitality and tourism,.

As well those in the graphic design, Management, Public Relations, Authors anyone from the Technological field, as well as  Radio stations and their host.


We feature artist, whether photographers, painters, sculptors, performers etc; as well as a variation of different of other companies and organisations and events.

This magazines concentrates & focuses on The Lifestyle of Jamaican Entrepreneurs. The focus is on persons who are trying to make a better place and name for Jamaicans ACROSS THE WORLD. 




Our catalog has a vast array of fields ranging from: Fashion,Technology,Music, Authors, Stylists, Bloggers, Ecotourism.

As well as Parties and Events, Security, ticketing and marketing service,Chefs, Milkshakes, Event Planning and Decoration amongst a diversity of other field. Our magazine and radio publishes reviews, interviews, recommendations, as well as post suggestions, discounts and memberships perks

Advertise, Partner,Sponsor, Business Exchange or, Get a #JEMagReview?

Business & Entrepreneurs listed  on this side of our footer: Business Consultant clients ofor paid advertising.

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